Manage care, videos with an app

IHH Essentials is the mobile app version of the In Hand Health Console.

The app includes many of the patient insights and treatment options of the full web application - including Virtual Visits.

In addition, the app enables you to use the camera on your mobile device to securely record, store, and distribute your own exercise videos through a step-by-step wizard.

You can also use previously recorded videos that are on your device's camera roll or accessible storage. (See below for more details.)

IHH Essentials is available for Apple and Android devices from the app stores.

Key Features

  • Patient Dashboard: Get an at-a-glance status of your patients through the same color-coded view that is in the web application
  • Stats: Drill down on each patient's record and gauge his or her progress and compliance through real-time reports
  • Messaging: Trade HIPAA-compliant information (texts, photos, videos, and voice clips) directly in the app
  • Virtual Visits: Perform HIPAA-Compliant Virtual Visits between your mobile device and your patient's mobile device
  • Videos: Create and securely distribute custom activity and exercise videos to the patient app
IHH Essentials patient dashboard
Patient Dashboard

Add new patients to your account here. The dashboard also shows the progress of your current patients using the same criteria found in the In Hand Health Console. Greens and yellows probably means things are good; reds and oranges might mean a follow-up message is in order.

Therapist Essentials HIPAA-compliant messages
Secure Messages

Review and respond to patient messages (texts, photos, videos, or audio clips) using HIPAA-compliant communication. Messages traded here are updated in your In Hand Health account the next time you sign in.

Therapist Essentials patient stats
Real-time Stats

Tap on any patient's record in the dashboard to reveal his or her tabulated compliance and feedback information reports in easy-to-read charts.

Therapist Essentials exercise builder
Activity and Exercise Builder

A step-by-step wizard ensures videos created with IHH Essentials include the same elements as our other videos: Still photos, instructions, narration, cues and tips, and announcements. You can also create private (PHI protected) videos for individual patients.

In Hand Health
Record Videos

IHH Essentials uses the camera and microphone on your smartphone or tablet to record custom exercise videos. You can also use previously recorded videos stored on your device's camera roll.

In Hand Health
Virtual Visits

Patients connect with their therapist through Virtual Visits for live HIPAA-Compliant video telehealth sessions on their mobile device.

Therapist Essentials my saved exercises
Automatic Connection

IHH Essentials automatically uploads completed videos to your full In Hand Health account. It works the other direction also, where videos stored in your In Hand Health account (the "My Videos" section) are accessible by IHH Essentials.


Create and distribute informational resources (web links, PDFs, and videos related to treatments and conditions) to patients directly from the app.

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