Stay connected to your patients during care and beyond - including Virtual Visits!

Engage your patients and help them carry the momentum gained during sessions at your practice into their homes

Our telehealth solution enables clinicians to prevent drop-offs, treat more in less time, and grow revenues.

Patients use readily available mobile devices to follow your instructions and video-based instructions and track their progress.

Build a strong clinician-patient relationship between sessions with Virtual Visits, HIPAA-compliant messaging, feedback reports, and adherence monitoring.

As a result, patients are more engaged and perform correctly and more often. Working together in our system, you can reach better outcomes faster.

Prescribe. Communicate. Monitor.

Know how your patients are between sessions! Our solution helps keep patient improvement on track and enables both clinician and patient to be proactive in their outreach to each other.

In Hand Health Patient App
Use our web application to deliver video based programs to an app on your patient's smartphone.

IHH Essentials
Create and distribute your own secure, private activity and exercise videos or build a custom video library for your practice with your smartphone.

Patient Dashboard
Quickly see if your patients are performing and check their feedback in a glance with our color-coded patient dashboard.

HIPAA-compliant communication between sessions
Communicate with your patients through Virtual Visits, alerts and HIPAA-compliant messages including text, audio, images, and video.
Get the Experience
Real-time progress charts help patients own their part of the rehabilitation
Help patients own their part of the health care process through real-time progress charts.

Deliver and store instructions about a patient's care (how to ice, wound care, etc.) in the app on their smartphone.
Deliver and store care instructions (how to ice, wound care, etc.) in an app on patients' smartphones.

Stay connected after discharge for any questions from patients or to deliver wellness programs.
Stay connected after discharge so patients can reach you for future issues or wellness activities.

Offer your services through subscriptions
Offer your telehealth services with our system for free or charge through our supplied eCommerce system.

Get Your Practice Into the Telehealth Movement

Our live and asynchronous telehealth-based solution integrates web and mobile technologies to ensure effective communication and a seamless experience for both patient and clinician.

Products For Healthcare
Professionals and Practices

Physical Therapy In Hand®

In Hand Health Console

It all starts here. The In Hand Health Console is a full featured application you access through a standard web browser.

Quickly perform Virtual Visits, send HIPAA-compliant messages and informational resources directly to the In Hand Health Patient App in a few clicks. Or take your telehealth to the next level with remote monitoring of patient adherence, distributing custom video-based protocols, and much more.

On the marketing side, the application's lead generation capabilities captures potential new patient information and connects you with them in a secure messaging thread.


Therapist Essentials smartphone app for physical therapists

IHH Essentials

IHH Essentials is the mobile version of the In Hand Health Console. View your dashboard and access other features of the full application plus create your own private instructional videos with this native smartphone app.


Generate additional revenue for your practice with our integrated eCommerce platform

Concierge Care

Generate additional revenue with our integrated eCommerce platform, Concierge Care. Easily create subscriptions to your services. Charge and collect fees through the patient app for remote and rural patients, concierge plans, wellness programs, and more.


Products For Patients

In Hand Health Patient App

In Hand Health Patient App

Patients download this app (iOS or Android) to receive your instructions, video-based workouts, messages, and information you send from the In Hand Health Console.

They can also use the app for Virtual Visits, to send you HIPAA-compliant messages (text, videos, audio clips, or images), report feedback, and view the same performance and progress charts you view in the In Hand Health Console.

The app is free for patients to download and use. However, you can charge patients for its use with our optional eCommerce system, Continuing Care.

Use the app as-is with In Hand Health's branding. The app can also be branded with your practice's logo, name, and colors to give you a presence in the app stores and an ever-present icon with your name and logo on the home screens of patients' smartphones.


Michael Woodward, MPT

"The In Hand Health solution gives my clinic's PTs unique insight into our patients' exercise habits outside of our office. We are now able to determine the patients who are at risk of falling behind in their rehab and offer encouragement or adjust their home exercise program before they see us again in the office."

— Michael Woodward, MPT, Blue Ridge Physical Therapy