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Chances are you already manage your banking, check the weather, catch up with friends, and perform dozens of other daily activites on your smartphone or tablet.

Now you can manage your healthcare with the same convenience as these other activities all under the expert direction of your clinician!

Manage your care
on your smartphone or tablet!

Available for iOS and Android Users
The Patient App is available as a free download from the Apple App Store or Google Play. (You will receive installation instructions by email when your clinician signs you up.)

Receive Personalized Care Plans
Once installed, your clinician (not some random person on the Web you don't know) sends video content and informational resources customized for you to the app. Just tap the icon to get started!

Maintain Progress Between Visits
Don't regress in between office visits with your clinician! The Patient App is the tool you need to keep improving and feel better faster.

Stay Connected to Your Clinician
From precise instructions and video-based content to secure messaging with your clinician, this app is a convenient and helpful component of your care program and the best way to stay connected between visits.

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No paper homework

The activities your clinician has prescribed for you are right there in the app in video format on your smartphone or tablet. Now that's better than a few sheets of illegible photocopies to keep track of isn't it?

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Clear instructions

Don't forget the activity details from your last clinic session! The app features a live model and narrator that demonstrate your activities in precise detail so that you are sure to be making the movements that will make you feel better faster. Your clinician might even send you video taken during your session!

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Fast and secure messaging

Questions no longer have to wait until your next visit or a call back from your clinic's office. You can send a secure text, photo, video, or voice clip of your question or concern directly to your clinician through the app.

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Submit feedback

The app asks questions and collects feedback from you through a series of periodic questions about how you feel. This provides your clinician with an automated daily report on your condition in between visits.

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Real Time Reports

Your activity and feedback is tabulated and presented in charts and a CaRe Index™ score that is available in real time to you and your clinician, providing both of you with a shared view of your progress. Stick to your plan in the app, start feeling better faster, and watch your CaRe Index™ score rise!

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You're busy and performing your activities might not be at the top of your priority list. We get it. Fortunately, the app includes several custom settings including reminders that can help keep you on track.

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Your treatment includes more than activities. For instance, you might need to know how to make an ice pack or use specialized equipment. You might also want to know more about a surgery you may have had or a condition you are experiencing. In these cases, your clinician can send informational videos, webpages, and PDF to a section of the app where they will be available for you or your caregivers with a quick tap.

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The app includes many features. You can customize most of them including reminders, sounds, and account information.

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