A seamless experience for patients and providers from initial engagement, through treatment, and into ongoing wellness services

Address the challenges of a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape
— ensure a healthy practice and healthy patients!

Our solution includes three deliverables. Use one, two, or all three to drive greater revenues, more efficiency, and better patient outcomes at your practice.


Promote your clinic's brand with your own app

We can brand our patient app with your practice's colors, logo, and name.

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Lead Generation

Lead Generation: Attract new patients to your business

Use your app to capitalize on electronic or traditional marketing campaigns.

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Telehealth: Drive higher levels of patient engagement

Offer Virtual Visits, extend your care and monetize your concierge and wellness services.

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Dr. Ben Fung

"... a technological solution during a critical time where engagement is everything and expanded revenue streams are a must have for long term business growth."

— Ben Fung, DPT, UpDocMedia