Extend Your Clinician Expertise

In Hand Health Console is a web application that serves as a command center for clinicians inside the In Hand Health solution.

Deliver content (such as home exercise programs) more efficiently and engage your patients in a new way to deliver care plans that fosters long-lasting, profitable, and healthy relationships.

A tight integration with our patient app creates a HIPAA-compliant two-way communication stream in between office visits

Build custom content with provided activity and exercise videos or create and use your own

Monitor patient compliance and outcomes in real time

Perform HIPAA-Compliant Virtual Visits with your patients

Distribute and store links to websites, PDF, and other helpful information along with your active content on patients' smartphones

Maintain a complete record of all patient presecribed activities during a course of care

The Easy way to enter telehealth

The In Hand Health Console enables you to deliver your care through telehealth at whatever level fits your practice.

Start with simple secure messaging and delivery of informational resources.

Advance to video-based activities or home exercise programs, remote adherence monitoring, and custom video creation as your practice allows.

Provide Virtual Visits when you or your patient can't meet at your clinic.

Much More than just Activities and Exercises

Beyond exercises and patient engagement during care, the In Hand Health Console includes all the tools you need to grow your practice. See how you can extend your brand with an app, generate new patient leads and monetize your services through subscriptions.

Key Features

  • CaRe Index®: The application uses patient adherence rates and feedback ratings to calculate a real-time composite score of the patient’s progress.
  • Dashboard: Color coding based on CaRe Index® scores provides an at-a-glance view of your patients.
  • Virtual Visits: Take care of your patients even when they can't meet you at your clinic - safely, securely and HIPAA-Compliant.
  • Video Exercises: A video library covers the most common conditions and treatments or create and use your own videos.
  • Resources: Distribute information (PDF, videos, etc.) from our provided collection on conditions, pain management, post op care, wellness, equipment, and more.
  • Templates and Protocols: Distribute monitored video-based activity and exercise plans to the patient app with just a few clicks.
  • HIPAA Compliant Messaging: Trade secure messages with patients between sessions. Include photos, videos, text, and audio clips.
Physical Therapy In Hand®

The In Hand Health Console Patient Dashboard: Greens and yellows likely mean a patient is progressing well. Reds and oranges may mean a follow up message is in order.

Physical Therapy In Hand®

More than 400 resources (web pages, PDF, videos) on conditions and treatments that can be sent to the app on patients' mobile devices in a few clicks

Physical Therapy In Hand®

Drag-and-drop video-based activities (such as home exercise programs) creation

Physical Therapy In Hand®

Real-time charts on patient adherence and surveyed feedback

In Hand Health Console

Hundreds of pre-recorded videos with complete exercise records. Use as is, modify, or add your own videos.

In Hand Health Console

Virtual Visits and HIPAA-compliant messaging from the In Hand Health Console to your patients on the app on their mobile devices

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