Generate Additional Revenue

The telehealth portion of our solution includes Concierge Care™, an optional eCommerce service that enables your practice to provide its services to patients on a subscription basis.

Concierge Care subscriptions can serve as a basis for your practice's concierge care or variety of other situations. Consider using them for patients who:

Rural patients

... live in rural or remote areas that can’t visit your clinic on a regular basis.

Rural patients

... have conditions that make it difficult to attend regular office sessions.

Wellness patients

... participate in your clinic’s wellness or after-care programs.

High copays or deductibles

... pay high copays or have high deductibles. (Subscribe them to your services via telehealth to reduce their in-office visits.)

Bad weather locations

... live in regions where severe weather can be an issue for prolonged periods.

Regular patients

... want to remain connected to your practice but don’t necessarily need regular office visits.

Through a Concierge Care™ subscription, your clinic builds long-lasting patient-clinician relationships that also position your staff as the first to contact when issues arise.

Patients, meanwhile, feel secure knowing they can quickly get the help they need through the convenience of an app their smartphone or tablet.

Key Features

  • Custom Subscriptions: Your practice decides what services to offer, what to charge, and the terms (annual or monthly).
  • Turnkey: Our system handles all billing and payments from patients via secure credit card transactions through the patient app. Revenues are automatically deposited into your account.
  • Grow Your Practice: Concierge Care subscriptions add a marketable service to your clinic's offerings, helps you retain patients longer, and leads to increased clinic revenues.
  • Optional: Concierge Care is an optional service inside our solution that you can offer to patients on a case-by-case basis.

How It Works

Patients Install the In Hand Health Patient App

Enter a patient into the In Hand Health Console and then have him or her download the In Hand Health Patient App on their smartphone or tablet. It's a free download from the Apple or Google Play stores and gives them access to activities, home exercise prescriptions, CaRe Index™ reports, messaging, and other app features.

Patients Subscribe to Concierge Care

Build a subscription for your services (eg a Wellness Program) in your In Hand Health account complete with video exercises, pricing, and monthly or annual payment terms that you determine. Patients receive a notification in the patient app to pay securely with their credit card for the subscription through an eCommerce service completely managed by In Hand Health.

Get Paid for Every Subscription

We collect and distribute the payment (less a service fee) directly to your clinic for each patient who purchases a Concierge Care subscription from your practice. As more patients subscribe, the more revenue your clinic collects. Remember, your clinic does NOT have to manage any part of the billing process!


New revenue for a clinic
with 7 clinicians



For this example, let's assume three of the patients a clinician sees in a month subscribe to Concierge Care.


per patient/year

You, as the clinic owner, set the services and price for Concierge Care subscriptions at $99 per patient per year. (It is your choice — you can charge more or less.)


per PT/year

At that subscription rate, your clinic will generate more than $2,500 of additional revenue from just this one clinician's patients alone.


per clinic/year

If all seven clinicians in your clinic subscribe just three patients a month, that's an additional $17,500 in new revenue the first year. Your clinic will earn even more annually going forward as new patients are added and existing patients renew.

Staff size, number of patients seen per month, and subscription rates drive how much a clinic earns from Concierge Care subscriptions. So while there is no one-size-fits-all answer, consider how the sample scenario above will fit with your clinic's situation. Give it a try! Contact us for more information or request an invitation to a free In Hand Health trial today.