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The In Hand Health Patient App installs on your patients' smartphones or tablets. It automatically receives content you create in the In Hand Health Console and enables HIPAA-compliant two-way communication between you and your patient.

Engage your patients in their healthcare process with an interactive app that encourages participation and creates better outcomes faster

Automatically deliver content and monitor patient compliance in real time

Offer Virtual Visits when patients are unable to come to your clinic

Share status reports, feedback, and messages that strengthen the patient-clinician relationship

The app is available from the Apple and Google Play stores. There is no cost for patients to download and use the app unless you place them on an optional Concierge Care subscription.

Key Features

  • Extend Your Brand: We can brand the patient app with your name, logo, and colors, giving you a presence in the app stores and an icon on patients' smartphones and tablets.
  • More Than Just Content: You're not merely distributing content; the app also keeps you tightly connected to a patient's daily activity and feedback.
  • Resources: The app has a dedicated "Resources" section that enables you to send and store web links, PDFs, and videos on a patient's mobile device that are related to his or her treatment and condition.
  • Brochure: Download and print our Introduction to the Patient App brochure.
In Hand Health
Content Delivery

Activities you create in the In Hand Health Console are automatically delivered to the app on a patient's smartphone or tablet, eliminating the copying or printing of exercises. Reps, duration, and your other instructions are included.

In Hand Health
Precise Instructions

A live model — no animations, stick figures, or diagrams — performs exercises in the app. Exercises include overviews, countdown and duration timers, rep counters, and narration with cues and tips.

(You can also create your own video exercises and activities instead of using ours.)

In Hand Health
Secure Messaging

If your patients have a question about a current condition or experiences a new injury, they can communicate directly with you via video, voice clip or text message on our HIPAA-compliant platform.

In Hand Health
Feedback Submission

Patients are asked for feedback information each time they use the app for their activities and workouts. Results are collected, tabulated, and presented within your In Hand Health patient dashboard.

In Hand Health
Real Time Reports

The app tracks patient compliance with your prescribed activities. Combined with survey feedback information reports, a CaRe Index score is generated so you and your patient can gauge progress in real time.

In Hand Health
Virtual Visits

Patients connect with their therapist through Virtual Visits for live HIPAA-Compliant video telehealth sessions on their mobile device.

In Hand Health

Send and store informational videos, webpages, and PDF related to a patient's condition or treatment to a dedicated section of the app.

Branded App and Lead Generation
Branding and Leads

Make the patient app your own with a branded version that includes your practice's logo and name. Use your branded app with our solution to help generate new patient leads.

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