Get an App: Extend your brand to your patients' mobile devices

Increase your presence
with your own app!

Your practice can further establish its credibility with patients and help them more easily connect with you between sessions by re-branding the patient app to feature your logo, practice name, and colors.

Check it out:

In Hand Health Patient App

This is how the standard In Hand Health Patient App looks to your patients.

In Hand Health Patient App

We can re-brand it to feature your name, logo, and colors such as this example.

In Hand Health Patient App

Your app will be in the Apple App Store and Google Play along with a branded icon on users' mobile devices.

It's Full Featured!

Once completed, your branded app includes the same power of our standard app and communicates seamlessly with your In Hand Health account.

Key Features

  • Native App: Your branded app will be available for iOS and Android customers. Patients search for and download it from the app stores using your practice name. It's your app!
  • Fully Developed: Your branded app uses the same code base as the standard In Hand Health Patient App. That's several years and thousands of man hours of product development time powering your branded app.
  • Worry Free: In Hand Health performs all maintenance and updates to your branded app in the app stores. You don't have to manage any part of the development or support process.
  • Custom: Branded apps feature your logo, name, and colors. Ask about additional branding options if your practice requires them.
  • From Branding to Leads: A branded app is the first step to leveraging the lead generation features of our solution.

Find Out More

Interested? Contact us for more information on how to get an app customized for your practice.