About In Hand Health

We bring efficiency and revenue potential to physical therapy practices.

In Hand Health employees are software industry veterans. We have experienced physical therapy first hand and collected input from a wide range of PTs to deliver a solution designed to help your patients and your practice.

Patients aren't like they used to be.

They are more financially responsible for their healthcare and managing its details than ever before. In addition, they are accustomed to on-demand access to information, including healthcare, from the convenience of their mobile devices.

It's time to evolve your practice.

PT practices, meanwhile, have had to improve their service to meet these changing patient expectations. At the same time, reimbursement margins continue to shrink, referrals are as difficult to come by as ever, and marketing is a challenge for resource-constrained practices.

Our purpose is to deliver physical therapy into the next generation of healthcare.

Once placed into our patent-pending solution, patients receive a higher level of PT care that is personalized, engaging, and delivered to their mobile devices.

Practices also benefit. They differentiate their clinics by empowering their PTs to deliver their expertise to patients anywhere they are. And our optional eCommerce subscriptions enable PTs to monetize their time with patients between sessions during care and remain connected after discharge during wellness periods. All in the effort of building long-term patient relationships.

Use our telehealth solution to grow your PT practice!

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Join these and other practices and PT schools just like yours with In Hand Health accounts:

Join these and other practices and PT schools just like yours with In Hand Health accounts