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Technology To Help Save Time And Grow Your Business

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Curious about new technology to grow your business but strapped for time?

As a clinician, your most valuable resource is your time. There are only so many hours in a day to see patients, complete your documentation, and keep up on the day to day tasks that are part of clinic life. You don’t want to waste any of that precious time scanning copies, printing exercises, or playing phone tag trying to communicate with your patients. You want to grow your business as efficiently as possible.

Many of the therapists I talk to are apprehensive about taking on new technology or processes. The main reason given is they assume all it will do is add yet another task to their already busy day.

What if you could instead use technology to help save time AND grow your business? What would that be worth to you?

The In Hand Health Solution does just that in several ways:

Full media communications all in one place

Patients and therapists are able to communicate back and forth via text, video, images, and audio in a HIPAA secure format. All of this from the convenience of their mobile device or on the therapist’s computer. Therapists and clinic staff can easily track messages from their dashboard.

Easy to prescribe, exercises, templates, and protocols of your favorite exercises

You can create and save private exercises for specific patients or exercises that you can use for everyone in your clinic. Templates are groups of exercises (example: basic knee exercises) that can be prescribed in a click. Protocols are groups of templates (example: week 1-2 post total knee replacement) for even more streamlined care.

Patient education resources to share with the click of a button

Do you have a great video, PDF, or link that you like to use for patient education? You can prescribe those things with just a click. Now your patient will always have access to it on their phone.

Provide cash-based services with built-in billing and customized offerings

If you offer cash-based services for your patients after they have completed their formal therapy sessions, you can use the In Hand Health solution to your patients to add a valuable revenue stream to your clinic. Continuing Care comes with default suggestions for you to use but this is also completely customizable – and billing is included!

Think of how much time you’re already spending on the above. Wouldn’t it be great to have fewer paper HEP copies? Copies that are likely to get lost or buried under other paperwork at your patient’s home. No more phone tag either. Keep your patients engaged without adding hours to your day

Don’t stress. We can help. Grow the heart of your business with In Hand Health.

Are you interested in a telehealth solution to grow your business? Request an invitation to try In Hand Health. Upon receipt of your request, we will respond with the next steps for you to access and test the solution in your clinic.

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