How to Monetize Your Clinic’s Time Between Patient Visits

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Are you looking to generate additional revenue for your physical therapy clinic? Moving to a cash-only practice or wanting to offer self-pay options in addition to taking some insurance? How about adding wellness programs?

We heard you and offer our turnkey Continuing Care subscriptions as an option for your physical therapy practice in this challenging healthcare landscape.

First, let’s consider the time between office visits for your typical patient.

Most agree, physical therapy patients must adhere to their exercise plan at home and not simply rely on the 45-60 minute office sessions with their PT to keep a rehabilitation plan on track.

Recognizing this, many software programs for building home exercise programs were created to give the patient greater detail for their workouts outside of office visits.

We also saw an opportunity in this situation and In Hand Health was formed to solve the same problem.

However, we didn’t stop there as we soon learned guiding patients through the correct movements while at home was just the beginning.

In our analysis, the time between sessions is just as valuable to clinics as it is to patients.

The PTs we worked with repeatedly expressed the same concerns:

  • How can I keep patients motivated?
  • How do I know how they are feeling?
  • How can I know if they are exercising?

And also very important given the current financial climate…

  • How do I know they will return for their next session?

Our answer is the Continuing Care™ subscription plan.

To get you up to speed, In Hand Health has a patient engagement software solution that keeps physical therapists and their patients connected between visits.

Included is a web-based application for physical therapists with telehealth-based tools for building video-based home exercise programs, monitoring exercise compliance, and communicating with patients through HIPAA-compliant messages.

Patients, meanwhile, are provided with an app for their smartphones or tablets that receives the PT’s video-based workouts and instructions and serves as a secure communication connection until the next office visit.

But now with Continuing Care subscriptions, physical therapy clinics for the first time have an easy-to-implement, no-cost method for connecting with and treating patients at home on a technical basis while also monetizing this time spent with patients between visits.

What’s more, a Continuing Care subscription helps build long-term PT-patient relationships. It has obvious value during an episode of care but can also be used for wellness and maintenance periods after a patient is discharged.

The PT is also now readily available should the patient have a musculoskeletal issue in the future that might require an office visit – one that might never happen if the connection through the app was not in place.

Meanwhile, patients are given the extra security of knowing they have direct access to the expertise of their physical therapist through the convenience of their smartphone at an affordable cost. (Pricing and terms are determined by your practice.)

How does it work? Six quick and easy steps:

  1. A physical therapy practice contacts us to creates a Physical Therapy In Hand account.
  1. Complete the Continuing Care section within the application. We handle all customer billing and payment to your clinic. We just need to know where to deposit the subscription revenue!
  1. Physical therapists or front office staff adds patients to the account during their first office sessions. PTs build a video-based home exercise program customized to his or her condition after the session.
  1. Patients receive an email that walks them through the steps to download the free app (iOS or Android) on their smartphone or tablet and access their home workout.
  1. Patients use the app for free as long as you like, including secure messaging, compliance tracking, and video exercises. When you decide, simply click a button to activate his or her Continuing Care subscription.
  1. Patients receive a notification and pay with a credit card on the In Hand Health Patient Portal. In Hand Health handles all billing and deposits the funds into the clinic’s bank account less a service fee.

Any clinic can benefit from adding telehealth and Continuing Care to their private practice and offering it as a service to patients.

However, it is optimized for those clinic owners who recognize the healthcare and insurance landscape is not in their favor and know they need to find ways to augment their revenues through subscriptions, moving to cash only practices, or offering self-pay options in addition to insurance.

Continuing Care is also perfect for those clinics who realize patients’ demands and expectations are greater now than they were in the past. The vast majority are paying more for their care and expect access and a higher level of service.

Any patient is a fit for Continuing Care. It might especially appeal to patients who want wellness services or any patient who has a difficult time making regular office sessions because of pain or travel issues.

Interested in trying it out?

It is free for physical therapy clinics to get started and you decide what to charge your patients for their telehealth subscriptions on a monthly or annual basis.

Your main investment is your time to learn the system.

Most clinics are adding patients, sending video-based workouts, and preparing to collect subscription revenue within just a few days. We also provide an app for building your own exercise videos if needed.

Try In Hand Health!


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