Let's Keep the Physical Therapist Involved

Let’s Keep the PT Involved

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A patient’s candid feedback and accurate description of pain goes a long way in helping physical therapists design a successful rehabilitation program. The same patient venturing into self-diagnosis and creating his or her own exercise program is less desirable.

In Hand Health keeps physical therapists involved with patients via telehealthHowever, that is effectively what many potential PT patients do. In a sure sign of the times we live in, technology has made it too easy for many people to access and begin exercise programs with just a few taps on their smartphone or tablet without any advice from a physical therapist or other accredited resource whatsoever.

And that’s potentially bad news. According to a recent University of Florida study, only one of 30 popular free fitness apps for iPhones meets the majority of guidelines for physical activity from the American College of Sports Medicine. That’s correct: 1 of out 30.

We created the In Hand Health solution to better address many situations during the physical therapy process including the one described here. Namely, we envisioned a solution that would empower a patient to adhere to an exercise program with the convenience of their smartphone or tablet.

The difference: Make sure the physical therapist’s expertise extends throughout the platform so that patients heal better and faster.

How do we accomplish this goal? Our core technologies, the Physical Therapy In Hand web application for physical therapists and the In Hand Health mobile app for patients, were designed to address each user’s specific needs but also to be highly collaborative.

In Hand Health keeps the PT involved with patient via telehealthIn fact, the In Hand Health mobile app isn’t truly “active” until a physical therapist creates a patient’s account. From there, home exercise programs, messages, and reminders are all driven from the physical therapist in the Physical Therapy In Hand web application. Patients are presented only with the exercises their PT selects and the automatic compliance reporting gives the PT an indication if they are completed.

The technical connection from therapist to patient is effective and also convenient for the patient. (Who doesn’t have their cell phone by them most of the day anymore?) The system helps establish continuity of rehabilitation from in-office visits to beyond clinic walls and between appointments. It’s also our intent that patients learn to assume ownership of their part of the rehabilitation program while long-term patient-therapist relationships are created.

For more information, visit www.inhandhealth.com. You can try these features for free. Sign up for Physical Therapy In Hand with just a few quick steps. No credit card required. No obligation.


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