7 Things You Will Love About Physical Therapy In Hand

7 Reasons Why You Are Going to Love Using Physical Therapy In Hand

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We are nearing the official launch date for our physical therapy telehealth solution here at In Hand Health so it is an appropriate time for the first sneak preview.

Quick Overview

Our complete system includes a web application for PTs that is tightly integrated with a smartphone app for patients to ensure the best physical therapy care possible inside or outside office walls. The third component, a subscription for patients that keeps the app connected to his or her PT’s services, strengthens the therapist-patient relationship while also generating revenue for the clinic.

You can read more about those individual parts at www.inhandhealth.com. Today, I wanted to focus on one part and preview our upcoming web application for PTs, which we call Physical Therapy In Hand (PTIH).

Here are seven of our favorite features that will help streamline your practice, build long term successful patient relationships, and get you on the road to generating additional revenue from your current and future patients.

1) Pressed for time?  Get a head start with pre-built Protocols.

You have a new patient and are working through his or her evaluation.  You know the diagnosis (ACL repair) but there wasn’t much time to prepare. Looks like you will need to put together an exercise prescription as you go.

In this case, PTIH includes several pre-built complete protocols you can quickly access and prescribe for your patient. You can use the protocols as they are provided or you can modify and save them to suit your patient’s needs. And when you have more time, you can build and store your own protocols from scratch for use with future patients.


Physical Therapy In Hand Protocols


From the protocols window, one drag-and-drop swipe means your patient will have the first stage of their exercise protocol waiting for them on their smartphone by the time they get home (if not by the time they leave your office).

2) Concerned for your patients?  Quickly see who needs attention.

When you walk in to start the day and bring up your PTIH Dashboard, you immediately see who is doing well and who needs your help.

Each patient’s CaRe Index is evident by the color of their tab: The greener the better, the closer to red the more concern.


Physical Therapy In Hand Dashboard


Click on their Charts tab and you’ll see their pain levels, recovery and compliance over time.  You’ll know at a glance if they’re improving, getting worse, or simply not exercising.

3) Want to stay in touch?  Be more effective and efficient.

When a patient isn’t doing well at home, when do you typically find out? Is it when you get an unexpected phone call that always comes when you’re super busy? Or are you in the dark about this condition until the next office visit?

With PTIH, important information is shared between PTs and patients with timely and secure messaging. From the In Hand Health Patient App on their smartphone, patients can send you a video, photo, voice clip, or text message with details of what is hurting when they exercise. Instead of clearing time for a call, you can reply in seconds with your own video of how better to do the exercise or a voice or text message with some tips.

Of course, patients who need more attention than a quick message will likely get a phone call from you later in the day. However, PTIH streamlines the communication process up to that point and helps keep you connected to patients on matters that might otherwise surface at inopportune times during the day or be pushed off to the next office visit.

4) Exercises working?  Just Prescribe Again.

A patient is progressing well on the home exercise program you built in PTIH. Great!


Physical Therapy In Hand Prescribe Again


When it comes time to adjust that plan, it only takes a few clicks to edit your current workout (increase the sets, reps, or durations or add new exercises) and send it to their smartphone for the next stage of rehabilitation. All in a few seconds.

5) Need a custom exercise?  Add your own cues and tips.

Here’s a scenario for you. Whenever your patient performs a plank, you notice he slowly arches his back the longer he holds the position. When he performs the exercise at home, you sure would like to remind him to keep his back flat and straight but that isn’t part of the pre-recorded cues and tips in the In Hand Health exercise performance video.


Custom Cues and Tips in Physical Therapy In Hand


Not a problem! Simply type what you want them to hear into the exercise’s cues and tips text. PTIH will recognize the customization and have Siri (or equivalent) speak for you when the exercise video is played on the patient’s smartphone at home.

6) Have favorite exercises?  Keep them in a Template.

You likely have a few exercises you typically use at your evaluations for new patients with back pain.  Likewise, you have a go-to series of exercises that help older patients with balance.

In cases like these, create a Template (e.g. Balance Favorites) and you can add them to your prescription with just one drag-and-drop motion.


Physical Therapy In Hand Exercise Templates


From there, you can use them as you saved them or tweak the reps, delete an exercise or two, add some special instructions if necessary, and you’re ready to prescribe.

7) Want to Scale your Efforts? Tap Into the Power of Sharing.

One of PTIH’s best features is how easy it is for therapists in a clinic to scale the work they put into building Templates and Protocols among themselves through the My Clinic feature.

All exercise records can be saved into this category and accessed with the same drag-and-drop methods to add to a patients home exercise program.

It’s nice to share!


Stay Tuned…. 

So that’s seven of our favorite features of Physical Therapy In Hand so far. Of course, there are many more that didn’t make the cut for this blog entry and we have several ideas for future versions.

Our fully integrated physical therapy telehealth solution (Physical Therapy In Hand, the In Hand Health Patient App, and the Continuing Care patient subscription system) is expected to be available by mid April 2016.

Pro Tip: Physical Therapy In Hand is free for PTs and their clinics and you will be able to create that free account yourself at www.inhandhealth.com at product launch.

Until then, drop us a line at info@inhandhealth.com for more information or join our email list to be notified when the solution is available.

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