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Our solution connects you with patients during care and beyond.

Connect during care
and beyond!

Our patent pending solution engages PTs and patients in rehabilitations that carry the momentum gained during in-person therapy sessions at your practice into the home.

Patients use readily available mobile devices to follow your instructions and video-based exercises and track their progress.

Communication remains high between sessions, enabling you to build a strong PT-patient relationship.

As a result, patients are more engaged and exercise correctly and more often. Working together in our system, you can reach better outcomes faster.

And with the digital connection in place, your relationship can carry into wellness periods and establish your practice as the "go to" resource for any future musculoskeletal issues.

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Get Your Practice Into the Telehealth Movement

The telehealth-based system includes a web application and separate mobile apps. Each is built specifically for the needs of physical therapists and patients. They are also built with a high level of integration to ensure effective communication.

Our solution connects you with patients during care and beyond.

1Web Application for PTs

Physical Therapy In Hand
Physical Therapy In Hand

A "command center" for physical therapists, this web-based application (no software to install) enables you to build custom video-based home exercise programs and distribute them to patients' mobile devices. Also send and receive secure messages, monitor patient adherence to your plans at home, gauge progress and feedback through real-time charts, and much more!


2Mobile App for PTs

Therapist Essentials
Therapist Essentials

Consider this the pocket version of Physical Therapy In Hand. Install this app on your smartphone (iOS or Android). It gives you access to your patient dashboard and their stats and reports. You can also trade HIPAA-compliant messages with patients. And one major plus, you can also use the app to create your own exercise videos. The videos can be private (HIPAA secured) for an individual patient or you can create an entire video library for use by your whole practice.


3Mobile App for Patients

In Hand Health Patient App
In Hand Health Patient App

Patients download this app (iOS or Android) to receive your instructions, video-based workouts, messages, and information you send from Physical Therapy In Hand. The app is also their communication vehicle back to you between sessions. They can send messages (text, videos, audio clips, or images) and report feedback on pain and progress levels. They also view the same progress charts you view, allowing you to measure progress together until their next office visit. The app is free for patients to download and use. However, you have the option to generate additional revenue for your practice through the patient app. See the section on our optional eCommerce system, Continuing Care, for more information.


4 eCommerce System (optional)

Continuing Care
Continuing Care

Generate additional revenue on a patient-by-patient basis with our optional turnkey eCommerce system. If you have ever wanted to monetize your own exercise programs (e.g. during wellness periods), you know it can be a challenge to find a video host, set up a website, establish an online payment system, and secure your content. To remedy this, we allow you to easily package the video exercises and workouts you create in our system and charge a monthly or annual fee to access them. You set the price and terms. We bill patients through their app, process the payment, and deposit the funds in your account. By the way, you can also charge a subscription to any patient using our system for standard care.

An effective way to deliver PT to today's patient!

Our system delivers benefits at every level of the physical therapy process.

For Physical Therapists

Deliver a heightened patient experience and build strong relationships with patients between sessions. Provide your expertise to patients anywhere anytime.

For Patients

Get clear instructions for improving conditions and peace of mind knowing they can get support from their PT through the convenience of an app on their mobile devices.

For Practices

Grow revenues with a solution that increases value in your patient relationships, expedites delivery of your care plans, and helps build long-term patient-therapist relationships.

Our services team ensures your practice's success.

We understand many PT practices can benefit from our software. We have also learned most practices don't have the time or in-house expertise to successfully integrate new technology into their workflow.

If this describes your practice, have no fear.

Our services team is available to analyze your needs and get your front office and PT teams up and running with In Hand Health.

The vast majority of our services are complementary and can be accomplished through short phone calls and online meetings. We are also available for on-site visits and other intensive integrations if necessary.

Leverage In Hand Health's services team to get your practice up and running

What's required of your practice?

Any time you bring any new software into an organization, there must be an initial time investment devoted to the process to reap the rewards down the line.

Our software is not any different. However, our services team is sensitive to the hectic schedules at most practices. We will tailor a plan to your specific situation and do our best to keep your required input time at a minimum.

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