We are a software company based in Kansas City.

We offer a complete patent pending solution for physical therapists that is designed to connect you with patients in between sessions through HIPAA-compliant communication, custom video-based home exercise programs, and real-time reports on home exercise activity.

We also offer an optional easy-to-use subscription service that builds long-term patient relationships and adds an additional optional revenue stream to your practice.

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We provide a web-based application (no software to install) that serves as a PT's command center for building video based home exercise programs, monitoring adherence to your plans at home, and trading secure messages with patients between sessions. We also have a smartphone app (iOS or Android) for PTs that provides similar functionality plus the ability to record and distribute video exercises.

We supply your patients with a different app (iOS or Android) on their smartphone that receives your instructions and HEP, sends and receives HIPAA-compliant messages, and displays real-time progress reports. The app is free for patients to use.

Offered purely as an optional service, you can use our supplied eCommerce system to charge patients a subscription fee to your telehealth services. Offer wellness programs. Offer extended care via telehealth after a patient "graduates" from their visits.

You set the prices. You set the terms. We bill, collect, and deposit the money in your account. Patients pay through the app.

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In Hand Health is a good option for your practice if you are looking to expand its potential in the face of declining reimbursements and changing patient expectations.

It is also a good fit if you agree with any of the following statements:

  • I want to differentiate my practice from others in my community.
  • I want to be more efficient with my time spent with patients without sacrificing quality of care.
  • I want to create and deliver my own brand of physical therapy through custom videos and content.
  • I want to open my practice to new sources of revenue.
  • I want to embrace technology in my practice that has a positive effect on the patient experience.
  • I want to break out of the traditional physical therapy model that leads to long hours and burnout.

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In Hand Health costs $24.95 per clinic user/month (or $19.95 per clinic user/month if billed annually).

See our pricing page and the services we offer to help you succeed for more information.

No. Our subscription service (aka Continuing Care) is provided as an optional service you can use to generate additional revenue for your practice on a patient-by-patient basis. Don't need it? Don't use it. No problem.

It's your call.

We recognize subscriptions (aka our Continuing Care eCommerce system) might not fit your practice's patients or you may prefer to charge patients using systems you already have in place. If so, use In Hand Health to deliver your care plans via telehealth and bill with your present systems instead of Continuing Care. No problem. Easy peazy.

In general, we have found Continuing Care subscriptions to be best suited for patients who ...

Rural patients

... live in rural or remote areas that can’t visit your clinic on a regular basis.

Rural patients

... have conditions that make it difficult to attend regular office sessions.

Wellness patients

... participate in your clinic’s wellness or after-care programs.

High copays or deductibles

... pay high copays or have high deductibles. (Subscribe them to your services via telehealth to reduce their in-office visits.)

Bad weather locations

... live in regions where severe weather can be an issue for prolonged periods.

Regular patients

... want to remain connected to your practice but don’t necessarily need regular office visits.

Absolutely. Upload your own videos or we also have a smartphone app that creates and distributes monitored private videos to patients in minutes. These options are in addition to the narrated exercise videos we provide in our library.